Cheap, Chic Wedding Invitation Ideas

When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you still want everything to be beautiful and chic. Wedding invitations can be pricey, which cuts into the cash you’ve set aside for other items on your bridal shopping list.

Wedding Invitation

Fortunately, with a little creativity, it is possible to send chic wedding invitations to your friends and family, without spending a lot of money on them. Here are some cheap, but still very attractive, wedding invitation ideas you can use.

Make your own cards

Card-making is a very popular hobby and you can buy everything you need at a local craft shop or online. You can buy beautiful card stock and embellishments like ribbons and bows. Your invitations will do justice do your big day, while still keeping expenses low. You can hand-write your special message inside with a calligraphy pen, or silver or gold ink, or ask a friend with lovely handwriting to do that for you.

Free printable invitations

Some websites are even offering free printable wedding invitations. They aren’t that pretty on their own, but if you have a professional printer print them for you on quality paper, and add a pretty embellishment, these can be very chic as well.

Make your own printable invitations

If you have some design talent, or have a friend who does, and access to a design program, you can create your own printable invitations. All you will have is the printing cost when you take them to a professional printers and have them printed on quality card stock. And you will have a card that reflects your personality, and shares your special message. You can even purchase a kit to help you make your own printable wedding invitations.

Use a different printing technique

If you decide to purchase your wedding invitations from a stationery or wedding store instead of making your own, there are still some easy ways to cut down the cost without losing any of the appeal.

Save The Date Wedding Invitation

Engraved wedding invitations are very beautiful but expensive. Instead of having yours engraved, have your invitations printed using a process called thermography. This will give your invitations the same raised look as engraving, but for less money.

The RSVP cards

It’s not only the wedding invitation you’ll be paying for, but the card used to RSVP to your wedding as well. One way to cut back on the expense of the RSVP cards is to use pretty postcards instead.

Shop online

Instead of just shopping in your local stationery shops, remember to shop online as well. You may find some great discounts on quality and chic wedding invitations. You can also hire a designer for cheap at sites like  If you shop online, make sure you read all the store’s policies, so you aren’t caught off guard by something unexpected.

Shop at discount places

Don’t restrict yourself to shopping at the expensive stationery stores. You might be able to find a great deal on your wedding invitations at a store like Kinko’s or Staples.

Your wedding invitations don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful and chic. By following these suggestions, you will be able to send out the lovely invitations you dreamed of, while keeping your budget in tact.

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